Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts (thesupercracker) wrote,
Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts

Happy Saturday!

I've been especially tired this week, and I decided to take today off from fencing practice in order to stay home and get some artwork done, which I hadn't really touched in two weeks. I ended up drastically oversleeping, and after leaving my apartment to get a bag out of my car for Dyl, I went into Mew Gallery to bother L for a spell. While there, I got a call from a girl I train with asking me if I was coming in, as no other senior was there (my friend who I'd asked to cover for me got there a touch late), and so I figured I'd go out to the dojo to peak my head in and make sure everything was OK. So I went down, got lunch at a vendor and took it there to eat. I figured I'd eat my lunch somewhere warm, and if class was covered I'd just leave to come home and do those things I'd intended. So of course I grab a wooden sword off the wall and jump on the mat and I stayed there until 5. On my way home I passed by Mew again. I peaked in and asked L that next time I take the day off from training, if I even hint that I'm going to go up to the dojo for a few minutes to stop me, since I always end up spending all day there and never get around to whatever my original plans were. All in all it wasn't a bad day, I'm just a bit irked that I got around to nothing I'd intended to do.
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