Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts (thesupercracker) wrote,
Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts

I Can't Stand Ann Coulter

I'm broke again, so have no plans to really do anything really interesting this weekend. So on Friday night, instead of going out drinking like I normally would, I've been home writing all night with the tv on in the background. I missed Psyche because I was kinda into the Bourne Supremacy, and so am resolved to stay up till 1 so I can watch it when it's shown again. At the moment there is nothing on, and while flipping around I've landed on C-SPAN where there's an hour long discourse with Ann Coulter, a woman for whom I keep a Sledge Hammer with a fork duct taped to it in the event I ever see her in the Italian Market. So I'm watching this, pretty much solely to piss myself off. I seem to actively piss myself off alot. I can think of at least three instances of having done so today, all three involving right wing folks. I had a message I think, but I'm 15 minutes into this Ann Coulter thing and all I can think of is how I'd like to jam my blade through her eye and out the back of her head.
Now, not to say I'm a staunch liberal or anything, but it seems that most of the people I can't stand consider themselves conservative republicans.
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