Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts (thesupercracker) wrote,
Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts

The Shit I Notice...

In the anime Black Lagoon, 8:40 into episode 19 Rock and Revy are at a Japanese fair discussing things. Revy is at a game shooting prizes with a cork gun, and one target she hits is a lighter with Shinsengumi stripes and the kanji for Makoto on it. I actually rewinded to get a second look at it and thought, "wow. That's really cool."
Earlier this week I had the technique Murakumo (passing clouds) polished for me in class. In the technique, you stand with the sword in a low guard, blade pointed parallel to the ground with the kissaki above your big toe. As the enemy cuts down at your head, you raise the sword to block yourself, square your hips at the opponent (in the process your sword makes an upside down "u" kinda motion), and then cast the enemy's sword safely away from you while at the same time putting your own sword in a position to bisect him crotch through the head and then doing a return cut. In explaining it to the other students, I likened the motion the sword makes to those ribbon stickers people like to put on the back of their cars.
At this my friend Bruce pointed out the comedy that while others just read those with varying degrees of annoyance, I look at it and think, "hey, that's just like a sword technique."
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