Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts (thesupercracker) wrote,
Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts


I'm drunk. I think I've done the best I could in most circumstances.... I apologize for mostly nothing... Money... Money is my greatest worry, I don't wak\ke up every day thinking about it but I certainly go to sleep as such. I'd lik to qwirite it off as a symptom, of my generation, but I'm nt sure how much that pans out. Truth is, I struggle, and tim,mes are, I look at my sitatuoation and and wonder, how does it work? What I wasd doing was goood for people making a living, raising a famuly owning a house, blah blah, blah. My worst case scenarip neeed more than I have... What do I do? I' don't eneven get what I'm doing at thi s point. Brie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drive now............................. What te fuck? Pernt?

Health care...

Everything I do is for thatr now.... And that printer... Who csrres wjhat I do?

I'm drinl. Wahat pf it?
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