Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts (thesupercracker) wrote,
Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts

So I Just Wrote A Really Long Entry About A Blow Up No One Will Ever See! HAHAHAHA

So I made a big long post about 3D printing a spaceship I designed, and it all got lost.

So here's the important bits.
• Since becoming unemployed I decided to teach myself a handful of 3D modeling programs.
• My testing projects were a handful of ships from the comic I'm working on. Primary concern was paid to the ship of the main heroes, the Rocco II.
• Making the initial hull shape was really hard.
• I printed it prematurely out of excitement, the printer was good, but expensive.
• Successive tweaks were made increasing the level of detail, printing was handled by a company of similar quality as well as a friend who has a 3D printer at his disposal.
• The act of 3D modeling these ships allowed me to work out finer points such as dimensions, landing gear, and detail that I would otherwise not have ever thought about.
• I did all of this out of a sense of deep and profound love for my story and designs. Considering the job I'd been working this was a very unique experience for me.

That's all for now, huzzah!
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