Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts (thesupercracker) wrote,
Looking For A Woman Made Out Of Breasts

Random Thoughts

- I seriously can't stop watching Lexy Panterra videos. I've always been a boobs guy more than a butt guy, but the things that woman can do with her ass are downright hypnotic and they torture me in my dreams.

- As time has gone on I've had alot of close relationships fall away for one reason or another. A lot of it has to do with everyone being older and their time being taken up with their own shit now (wives, kids, etc), but other bits are due to my own character flaws and blunders, or on rarer occasions the other person was just an asshole. While I don't fault anyone who's fallen away and in most cases wouldn't go back anyway, the failure on my part to find anyone to fill their spot has resulted in spending entirely too much time isolated from people and in my own head.

- Speaking of too much time inside my own head, there's my fucking comic. I don't have a consistent person to bounce ideas off of and I'm suffering for it. The latest instance of this is that I've devoted an absurd amount of brain power to a name for the Faster than Light travel that the characters' spaceship uses. Functionally it's similar to Warp from Star Trek, but since I use the term "warp" for teleportation moves I realized I couldn't use it for that. So I co-opted the term "hyper" (which is usually used for FTL drives that entail traveling through a side dimension where relativity doesn't matter). However, lately I've been displeased with that too. So recently while watching tv I was like "wait, if I need a word for "fast" travel why don't I just use the term Flash? Like Flash Drive, Flash Speed, Flash 1-9, etc?" It seems like a decent fix to my problem, but I'm having trouble pulling the trigger on it. I need a goddamn editor, hahaha.
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